Why Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing offers something more than Digital, Print, Radio or TV marketing can.

It inserts personalty, the human touch and connection; into the relationship between brand and consumer.

It facilitates a better connection between the two parties that is not possible through other channels.

Let your consumer interact with your brand on easier and friendlier terms.

Let them walk away feeling positive about their experience with your brand.

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‘The best way to sell products is to establish an emotional connection between a consumer and a product.’

Delivering Experiential Marketing


Start creating an authentic relationship with your consumers. Let them buy into your brand rather than force them.


You first need the connection before you can start building authenticity. Its far easier in real situations than other marketing avenues

Social Content

Hit the right experience and your modern audience will share it online, giving you much needed social proof that doesnt come through advertising.


Don’t forget the fun. Fun creates positive feelings towards brands. And everybody likes to have fun.

People who undergo a live brand experience are likely to tell around 17 other people about that positive experience

Who is HOTT3D

HOTT3D designs, manufactures and installs exhibition stands and temporary architecture for clients around South Africa and Africa. We are trusted by the largest Corporate companies¬†and emerging SME’s to deliver quality marketing initiatives that serve various purposes.

Our main strengths are in:

  • Exhibition Stands
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Way-finding and Signage
  • Office and Retail Interiors


Office: +27 021 703 9522

Email: info@hott.co.za

HOTT3D Web: hott.co.za