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Mastercard – Masterpass Experiential Marketing

To promote its digital wallet service Masterpass, Mastercard  created a record store in Los Angeles that offered an interactive music experience for music fans. As part of its #ThankTheFans campaign for the  Grammy Awards, the credit card company transformed Gibson Brands Sunset into an experiential record store where Masterpass users will have exclusive access to shop for rare and unique vinyl for just $10. They will also get to unlock special offers for $1 during the live broadcast whenever a Grammy winner expresses gratitude to the fans in their speech.

“Music is a passion that transcends geographic and demographic boundaries and Mastercard wants to celebrate the music fan in all of us by delivering something truly unique with #ThankTheFans,” said Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard. “Music is just the first place you’ll see us deliver this platform as we set out to thank fans across their passions, celebrating the events and experiences that bring us together.”

This campaign is a cool example of how brands may combine experiential marketing with real-time event marketing to create a truly unique customer experience. This year, we have seen some retailers embracing experiential marketing by partnering with fashion brands to open pop-up shops in their stores, providing shoppers with a more varied in-store experience. As mobile technologies continue to blur the line between physical and digital marketing, brands will have to figure out how to leverage their digital assets to reach customers in the real world with exciting experience activated via mobile.


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